Life & Livelihood services

The Livelihood component of STIPA empowers communities to engage in income generating activities (IGA), most preferably sustainable agriculture.

The Beans Project

Dissemination of Improved Bean Varieties in Kisumu, Siaya and Vihiga Counties

The project focus is on increasing adoption and production of improved bean varieties among smallholder farmers in Western Kenya. The project is promoting farmer adoption of climate smart and innovative agricultural technologies with potential for market integration. This is aimed at improving food security, nutrition and household income.

Climate Smart Agriculture

To improve productivity

Tetea Punda Project

Donkeys play important micro and macroeconomic roles with potential contribution towards poverty reduction and related multiplier benefits. The project targets advocacy for donkey welfare in Kisumu and Siaya Counties. It is geared towards strengthening capacity of donkey welfare networks to elicit political and community support for donkeys’ well-being.

One Voice For Donkey Welfare

To provide the best quality donkeys

Donkey Advocacy

STIPA works through organized structures who include County Government, Ministry of Livestock Fisheries and Agriculture, CSOs and Boresha Maisha Schemes.

As such STIPA endeavours to realize the following:

Poultry Production

Production of rainbow roster chicken which are hardy, fast growing and with good layering ability.
The production of poultry ensures farmers get good quality birds throughout the year.

Horticulture Production

The farm promotes kitchen gardening techniques to improve the economic and nutritional wellbeing of the small holder farmers. Conservation agricultural techniques are applied which include adoption of minimum tillage, permanent soil cover , and afforestation

Vermi Composting

Vermi Composting unit has been established in an attempt to serve the urban and peri-urban farmers within the environs of Kisumu. The products of the technology include vermicompost (organic manure) and vermi-juice (insecticide and foliar fertilizers to crops).

“A peaceful world cannot long exist, one-third rich and two-thirds hungry.”