Our History

STIPA’s roots trace back to 1996 when a group of local professionals envisaged the need to start an organization. STIPA was registered in 1997 with the aim of building capacities of local communities to undertake development that supports sustainable livelihoods.






Tracking Our Progress

Since its inception, focus is on integrated interventions of health insurance, safe motherhood, health promotion, adolescents, livelihood and economic empowerment.  STIPA has vast experience in community participation, community strategy and community-based health financing. 

Our Pillars

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Frequently Asked Questions

CBHF is Community Based Health Financing
In CBHF, the community is putting their resources together to take care of their health and access quality health care in local health facilities. CBHF is community managed and community owned, that means that the community is responsible themselves for their CBHF scheme, they are the owners and managers of the scheme. The CBHF scheme leaders are community members in the same way as the CBHF members.

  • Once you enrolled within CBHF and paid your premium, you will no longer pay for your hospital bills alone. The CBHF scheme is taking care of your costs up to certain extend (ceiling).
  • Hence, you are not forced to borrow money from your family, friends or money lenders or even sell one of your animals or essential goods of working equipment. Hence, you will have a peace of mind and you will no longer be worried about your health and the health of your family members.
  •  With CBHF you will be able to access health care of quality which ensures good services, availability of drugs and proper facilities. If you access
    quality health services quickly, your illness does not get worse. You may CBHF members not be sick as long, so you can continue taking care of your family and your business.
  •  If you get treatment for your illness right away, it might not spread to other family members.
  •  CBHF is paying if one of the CBHF members falls sick or gets injured within an accident.
  •  CBHF is providing additional trainings which will assist you in taking care of the health of yourself and your family. You will learn about important water, sanitation and hygiene issues and also other essential health issues, such like prevention of many diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diarrhea, and malaria.

As a CBHF member you pay a set annual amount of money(the so called “premium”) into a common pool, this is the premium. In turn, if one member is falling sick during the year, he or she can access treatment and the CBHF scheme will pay for it from the collected money. The common pool is used to cover some of your costs and also those of unlucky people that fall sick or get injured in an accident.

The CBHF product is taking care of five members of a family. If you have more than three children, you can enroll them as well and will pay a small top up amount for them.

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